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Today, it is no secret that solar power is more accessible today than it has ever been. If you have a solar system then you are sure to also benefit from a battery storage system, which is a rechargeable battery system that stores energy from your solar panels. This system stores surplus energy from the solar panels that powers the house or business where the solar system is installed. It also serves as emergency backup power, which is what makes it such an essential part of your overall solar system. You can certainly rely on our technicians at San Diego Solar Surfers to help with your battery storage and charging needs.

Effective Solar Battery Storage

An effective solar battery storage system will convert the energy produced by the solar panels and store it as AC power to be used later. The more battery capacity that you have the more it can charge. This means that if you have a large charging system, it will not have a problem charging larger solar systems. This is what occurs when you have a battery storage system:

  • Charge – A battery storage system is charged during daylight by clean electricity from solar energy.
  • Optimization – An efficient battery software relies on algorithms to generate solar production, utility rate structures, weather patterns, and usage history to improve the stored energy being used.
  • Discharge – When there is a high usage of power, this is when the battery storage system will discharge the energy that is needed.

When there is a battery storage system installed, then excess solar electricity is stored so that it doesn’t go back to the grid. When the solar panels create too much electricity than what they need, then the rest of the energy will charge the battery. As confusing as this may sound, it works.

Reliable Solar Source

San Diego Solar Surfers offers you the most complete solar systems in San Diego. We also offer battery storage and charging, which is a component of the entire system. Our technicians will advise you of the most appropriate type of battery storage system so that you can make the wisest choice.

Types of Solar Batteries

There are several types of solar batteries that we offer. Typically, the batteries used for residential purposes are made with either lead acid o lithium-ion. Most experts will agree that the lithium-ion batteries are the best option for your solar panels, despite more affordable options.

  • Lead-acid batteries – This type of solar battery has a short life span in comparison to the lithium-ion battery. It also has a lower discharge. However, the advantage of using this type of battery is that is not as expensive as your other option. Homeowners who want to live off-the-grid will often use lead-acid batteries since they will need a lot of energy storage.

  •   Lithium-ion batteries – This type of battery is lighter than a lead-acid battery. They have a higher depth of discharge and a longer lifespan than a lead-acid battery. However, they are also more expensive too. 

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